SAP Course plan for SAP BASIS Consultants

ID SAP administration item
1 SAP Getting Started
2 introduction to SAP
3 understanding SAP infrastructure
4 How to install SAP GUI client and configre recommendation servers for every user
5 Logon and identify the parts of an SAP R/3 Window
6 Navigate the menu structure
7 Identify icons
8 Create sessions
9 Use SAP R/3 Online Help
10 Use On-Demand Help
11 Create Favorites
12 Use Match codes
13 IS SAP Support Overview
14 Understand the functions of business process owners and role owners.
15 Levels of Support – Descriptions
16 Application/Consulting Services
17 Data Center/Consulting Services
18 Understand the support structure in place for SAP R/3
19 Understand how support is provided to the business by the support personnel
20 Account Administration
21 Create a new user and attach roles
22 Copy a user profile in SAP
23 Understand the purpose of roles and profiles.
24 Reset passwords
25 Be familiar with password requirements
26 Understand user maintenance functions
27 Terminate an SAP Account
28 How to create/maintain new ROLE
29 how to install sap and configure printer for Arabic charset
30 SAP Backup Policy
31 Which systems are backed up
32 What schedule & how often does the backup occur
33 How is the backup scheduled & managed
34 What is Backup cycle & retention policies are should take place
35 How to configure SAP Backup tool to makining backup in local HDD or external Storage
36 SAP copy client
37 Troubleshooting
38 Identify the transaction code for a particular screen
39 Understand common sources of logon errors
40 Lock/Unlock User’s out of R/3
41 Understand how to look up ABAP dumps
42 Understand how user defaults are maintained
43 Understand the Print function in R/3
44 Understand how to create, save and access variants
45 User Information System
46 Look up transactions by role
47 Look up roles by transactions
48 Look up transactions executable by users
49 Look up changes done to user accounts
50 Look up the Last Logon and Password change by user
51 System Monitoring and performance From SAP
52 list of all user currently logged
53 display table locks
54 display the queue locks
55 SAP system log
56 schedule a background job
57 display background jobs or batch submitted by users.
58 display all the work processes on the current apps server
59 display a list of all the running apps servers
60 list of all current running work processes on all the apps servers
61 displays information about the current use of the database
62 list of all OS and Hard ware resources
63 list of all the running apps servers
64 Reporting Performance Issues
65 Issues Affecting The Whole System:
66 Issues Affecting Only One User
67 Check Whole The System
68 Daily Status Reports
69 SAP BASIS Daily Tasks
70 SAP User Creation change Form
71 IT change request form
72 SAP request form
73 Data center logs form
74 IT SAP incident report
75 SAP DR testing form
76 Technical Documentation
77 Why write SAP Technical Documentation
78 How to write SAP Technical Documentation
79 EWR
80 New issues
81 Spool & print management
82 Configured Profile parameters maintenance
83 System Monitoring From Linux
84 Client and System Copy
86 Difference between SPAM and SAINT update and install patches and addons
88 SAP Parameters